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  • What is the youngest age that a player can register for a Woodend Hawks Basketball team?
    Our youngest age group is Under 12’s, we highly recommend players be at least 10 years old by the end of the year that the season in question ends. EG: If registering for Under 12’s Summer 2022/23 season your child will have turned 10 by 31st December of 2023.
  • What is the oldest age that a player can register for a Woodend Hawks Basketball team?
    Under 19’s are our oldest age group, therefore the final season an 18 year old player can register for is the Winter season (April – September) in the year the player turns 18 years old.
  • What are the cut-off dates for player registration each season?
    The WHBC Coordinator will communicate to all existing and waitlisted players the cut off dates for registration each season and provide ample time for players to be registered.
  • How much does it cost per player per season?
    Registration fees (for 2022/2023) were approx. $165 – (however are subject to change) and cover training and game fees for the season. ​Insurance ($26) and uniforms for new players or players needing to update their uniform (are approximately $90 for a reversible top and shorts (these do not need to be purchased each season if in good condition). Families are eligible for discounts if more than 2 players are registered in Woodend Hawks Basketball teams (50% off the 3rd child). Contact the WHBC Coordinator to find out more.
  • How long do games go for?
    WHBC games are played in 2 x 20 minute halves with extra time for warm ups and timeouts. In the event there is a draw, an extra 5 minutes of playing time is allocated (until there is a game result).
  • Can a player use a jersey if it’s the same or similar colour to the official team jersey?
    No player will be permitted to take the court unless attired in the correct uniform as registered with the SBA. Team singlets, shorts and numbers are to be of the same colour and design and in a good state of repair. Duplicate numbers and taped/handwritten numbers are not permitted. If a player has lost, damaged or not received a suitable uniform prior to a game please notify your team manager with as much notice as possible to see if a loan uniform can be arranged.
  • Can players wear undergarments under their uniform?
    T-shirts will not be permitted to be worn under singlet without prior written consent from the SBA Board. If permitted to be worn they must be the same basic colour as the team uniform. Players are permitted to wear arm and leg compression sleeves. Compression sleeves for all players on the team must be of the same basic colour.
  • Player Transfers
    If you are currently registered with an existing club and wish to play for WHBC, a player transfer request will need to be approved. WHBC can arrange the request for transfer - to be approved by your original club.
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